Got my juicer!!!!! :D


So excited!! I ordered this bad boy brand new off eBay last week and it was waiting for me when I got home from work today. Now the term bad boy is often over and mis-used but in this instance it is right on the money! Boasting a 1200 watt motor this thang Knows how to juice! After a quick read through of the instructions and a rinse down of the equipment we were juicing away!

We used:
-leafy heads of three beets
-3 celery sticks and their leafy bits
-2 cucumbers
-2 apples
-1 orange

This made three cups of delicious juice and not being one for wasting I threw together 12 tasty fibre filled little veg nuggets…


I wasn’t keeping track of measurements of ingredients as I wasn’t sure if they were going to work out but they ended up being really good and I will certainly be making them again. It was basically just the leftover pulp, some left over quinoa, spices, sunflower seeds, flax meal and rice milk.

I think I reached my veg quota for the evening!!!


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