We love sushi here at the Ali and Sarah residence. Of course going out for sushi is always fun and tasty but the nutrient stripped acidic white rice isn’t our fav. We generally make a bunch of brown rice, set out an array of fillings and RYOS (roll your own sush). We were having people over on this occasion so I decided to pre roll so they were ready to go.

I add rice vinegar, tamari sauce and a bit of stevia for sweetness to my rice once it’s cooked for extra flavour.

In my experience a little rice goes a long way on each piece of nori. Too much and you lose the flavours of the fillings and it’s harder to roll.

For these particular rolls I used a mixture of the following ingredients:

Beetroot spread, lettuce, alfalfa, red capsicum, white beans, tomato

Nut butter, avo, baked sweet potato

These aren’t exactly the most traditional Japanese sushi fillings but they work and all the rolls were delish and a hit with everyone including the meat eaters who had never had vegan sushi before; always a bonus!!!


No sushi mat necessary, just nori, brown rice and whatever fillings you want. Roll them up tightly using both hands and let them set in the fridge for a bit before you slice them.


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