Green juice

We are obsessed with our green juice!! The obsession started about three weeks ago for me, then I got my Dad in on it, and then Ali and Mum and even our grandma!! We start every day with this glorious green gem and feel so much better for it!


Ingredients (serves two)

– 2-3 small cucumbers
– 4 celery stalks
– green leafy stuff, (we rotate between spinach, silver beet, kale and romain) this particular juice had two big kale leaves and about 5 lettuce leaves
– little bit of parsley
– 1 lemon
– 2 green apples
– 1 orange if you want it sweeter, (Ali has hers with the orange I like mine better without)
– ginger if you want a little extra zing



Ps don’t forget to save the pulp for smoothies, soup, muffins and dips!!

7 responses

  1. Hey how long do you recon you can leave juices in the fridge for before they get a bit feral? I get up too early to juice in the morning and would rather make a big batch and chuck it in the fridge..

    • Haha. Unfortunately they do go feral quite quickly and the longer they sit the more nutrients they will lose. What if you pre washed and got everything ready to go and then whizzed it through the juicer in the morning and drank in the car? If I’m in a rush I just chuck all the juicer bits in hot soapy water and leave it till I get home. If you want to do it the night before tho a glass jar with a air tight seal is best and fill it right to the top, less air getting in there the better!!! X

  2. Sarah! Just wondering if you used a juicer to make your juice or just a blender? I’m trying to decide whether it’s worth it to spend money on a blender and juicer or just get a good blender. Annnnd, what is your take on food processors? Thanks!

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