Tofu lettuce tacos

If you eat fish, these would also be great with white fish cooked the same way. Also if you want something more substantial it would be good in a tortilla. I went the vegan gluten free route and I’m glad i did because it was delish, refreshing, and I felt good the rest of the night; not overly full or yucky or anything.


About three strips of tofu per taco
Lime juice, pepper, paprika, sea salt

Cove the tofu in lime juice and cover one side with paprika, pepper and a bit of sea salt (and some chilli flakes if you like it hot)


Like that. While it’s marinating make the cashew cream and salsa.

Cashew cream ( I friggen love this stuff):

1 cup cashews
Juice of one lemon
2-3 garlic cloves
Sea salt and pepper
Chilli flakes
Water to thin

Blend until smooth.


1 paw paw ( or mango/papaya ) diced
1 1/2 avo diced
2 tomats diced
1 green onion chopped
Fresh Parsley and coriander to taste
Sea salt and pepper

Toss and set aside

Heat coconut oil in a fry pan and cook tofu, paprika and pepper side down, until crispy. Add a bit more pepper and paprika to the other side before flipping and an extra squirt of lime to the pan for good measure.

Arrange tofu, cashew cream and salsa in desired “taco shell” and put in your mouth. Make sure you have some napkins close by, it gets messy.


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