Miso soup! (soup of LIFE)


Love love miso soup and discovered not to long ago that it is ridiculously simple to make. All you need to buy is miso paste (from the Asian section of your grocery store or a health food store) some sea vegetables (same as with the miso but more selection from a health food store) and what ever else you want to chuck in there! Usually for a quick snack I keep mine simple but today I had it for lunch so I kicked it up several notches…

Here’s what you do:


Spread a tablespoon of miso around your bowl and put some water in the kettle to boil


Cut up your veggies. I used red capsicum, zucchini, green onion, nori( sushi paper), spiral sea vegetables, and left over black bean noodles ( if you can find these buy them!! They are made from 100% black beans and are really good in Asian type dishes)


Once the water has boiled let it sit for a few minutes to cool down a bit. You don’t want it to scald all the enzymes away. Once it’s cooled off a touch add it to your bowl and stir around to dissolve the miso


Throw all you veggies in. I added dulse flakes (another sea veggie) and black sesame seeds (so obsessed with these bad boys right now!!)

5. Eat it up and enjoy all the amazing health benefits such as….

Miso, which is made from soybeans, sea salt and koji, is rich in living enzymes as it is fermented for up to three years. The binding agent, zybicolin is naturally detoxifying, ridding your body of heavy metals that build up due to the copious amounts of gross pollution and chemicals we are unfortunately constantly in contact with.

As if that weren’t enough miso also stimulates digestion and energises the body, it contains all the essential amino acids thus being a complete protein ( take that bloody, dead, stinking, artery clogging steak…) ahem, it restores probiotics (these bad boys are essential for intestinal health, and many of us have sad withering intestines from too much crappy food), exceptionally high in vit B, especially B 12 ( If you’re vegan this is very important as you can’t really get this essential energy supplying vitamin from anything other then animal products), strengthens the quality of you blood and your lymph fluid, reduces the risk of breast, prostate, colon an lung cancer, lowers LDL cholesterol, boosts immune function AND it’s super duper high in antioxidants!!!!!

Ready to welcome miso into your daily routine yet?!?!

And just for good measure…

Sea vegetables are very high in iron (again, moooovvve over meat) and also vitamin c, which is just a happy little coincidence because vitamin c increases the absorption of iron! Yay.
It’s also high in a bunch of vitamins and performs a whole bunch of lovely tasks in our bodies such as combating obesity, improving skin tone and teeth strength as well as lowering cholesterol and ridding the bod of those nasty heavy metals. Sea veggies are super duper packed with minerals, most importantly iodine which is key to thyroid health. You may not be getting enough iodine as apart from fish, iodised table salt is the biggest source, and due to awareness of how bad this stuff is for you, people aren’t using it as much, which is a food thing.

Side note on salt: Himalayan rock salt is the most healthful salt you can get. Those hunza people know what’s up.

Lastly!!!!! Black sesame seeds are chocka block FULL of antioxidants and vitamin EEEEE. This vitamin is a little beauty for its anti ageing properties and lifespan increasing abilities!! And I think they are really pretty 🙂

I think I’m going to start referring to miso soup as the soup of LIFE!!!!

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