Cleanse ‘n Mexican binge

I’ve been wanting to do a juice cleanse for a while now and since Yesterday was my day off and our evening plans were 5:00 yoga and dinner at home I decided it would be a perfect time to give it a go! The best laid plans…


I started off the day juicing all the leftover veg we had laying around. It was pretty yummy, and it was purple which was exciting! It contained cucumber, kale, apple, purple cabbage and lime

Then I went for a walk and got groceries on the way home to make my next juice which was made of sweet potato, carrot, orange, celery and bok Chou


Later on in the afternoon I decided I needed something a bit more substantial so I drained and cracked open a coconut


This is the fist time I’ve ever bought, cracked and ate a real coconut!! ’twas pretty interesting! First I pierced the eye and drained all the juice then I wrapped it in a tea towel and whacked the crap out of it on the floor. It made a very large noise and I was a tad worried I had cracked the floor and not the coconut! Luckily the floor was still intact as was the coconut. So I put it in the oven for about fifteen minutes and it cracked right open! Too easy! And it was still cold on the inside which was good as I didn’t want to cook the meat just crack that crazy hard shell!! Anyways, so after all that I made a delish smoothie with the coconut water, some of the meat, a frozen banana, 1/4 of an avocado and a piece of the raw chocolate I made the other day. It was Yummmmmmy


So with those three beverages and a whole lot of water with lemon and herbal tea I was feeling so good!! And not hungry or anything which I was worried would be the case with a juice cleanse. When I get hungry it ain’t pretty!


I was planning on making miso soup or a big green salad for after yoga but then…


At least it’s still liquid !! I was pretty dumb though and had a beer when Ali got home which resulted in crazy bad tummy cramps!!! Probs not the best idea to drink liquid nutritional all day and then drink alcohol!! So I made a piece of toast with coconut oil and cinnamon stat and lay down for a bit and that helped. Once I was feeling all better we headed to manly to meet a friend at a wicked new Mexican restaurant called chicabonita. Side note, I’ve been reading up a lot about all the chemicals in make up, not nice, so I decided to try beetroot as a natural lip stain and it worked SO well!!!



Just slice a bit off your beet and swipe it on your lips and..


Berry stained lips!! (Use some coconut oil for some extra shine 🙂 )


Pretty exciting considering the cover girl lipstain I usually use costs about $25 in this country!!! Only downside is I might have to start bringing a Tupperware full of beetroot around with me which may get a little weeeeird . It stayed on for quite a long time tho which was good. Probably started to come off somewhere around this point…


…or this point…


Or maybe this!!!


It was all soooo good!! And good portions for sharing which is fun. It was a lot richer then anything I’ve been eating lately tho and I had an allergic reaction to something resulting in a gnarly rash on my chest and forehead. Sorry, no pics of that!!! Luckily it went away pretty quickly and we proceeded to party till 5 am.

So it was a cleanse turned binge. Fail or success?? Not really sure…At least I try…??


Healthy day, fun night. I’m gonna call it a success

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  1. Wow…thats amazing about thebeetroot lipstick…..looks amazing…and all that mexican food mmmm….made your fish tacos again..could eat them every night…

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