Rice paper rolls


I made these ages ago and they were great; I totally forgot about them though, and was only reminded when I saw them on oh she glows, one of my long time fav blogs.

We followed her recipe pretty exactly except we cooked the tofu in coconut oil and paprika and as well as her delicious peanut lime dipping sauce, made a lemon cilantro sauce. I didn’t keep track of measurements as I was chucking everything into the blender in a hurry…basically it was a big handful of cilantro and spinach, avocado oil, lemon juice, tahini, salt and pepper, and nutritional yeast.


All our Fillings ready to go


The dipping sauces and a crunchy cashew and black sesame seed mixture.


Yum yum fresh crispy veggies


Crispy paprika and coconut tofu


Wrapping FAIL on the first one, still tastes good tho!!



Ali won the wrapping battle for sure


I had my second one wrapped in a romain lettuce leaf as well as the rice paper wrap…double wrapped if you will, which added a nice crunch. We also found that the sauces were better actually in the rolls. We had leftovers so are having them again tonight before yoga!!


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