Flat bread/tart crust

Oh man am I happy I came across this gem on Addicted To Veggies, a super cool raw vegan blog. I altered the original recipe a bit and the result is unlike anything I’ve ever had really…it’s kind of like crispy nan bread or something..you’ll just have to make it for yourself since I’m obviously sucking at describing it!


Two cups sunflower seeds, ground into a course flour
One cup almonds, ground into a course flour
One cup chickpea flour
One cup quinoa flour
(if you’re not gluten free you could use whole wheat flour and i’m sure it would turn out good as well.)
Seasoning (I used garlic powder, Himalayan rock salt and chilli flakes but use anything that floats your boat. I’m excited to try new flavours every time I make this!)


1/3 cup flax meal + 1/2 cup water, combined and let to do its thing for ten minutes. (binding agent)

3/4 cup water


Combine flax and water and set aside.
Mix dry ingredients and create a well in the centre.
Add flax and water mixture that should now be a thick and gooey texture.
Slowly add the remaining water and mix until you have a thick dough.
Chill dough for as long as convenient.
Separate into four sections and with baking paper on both sides roll out. The thinner you roll the crispier obviously!!
The original recipe was dried in a dehydrator to keep it raw; I baked mine on the lowest heat in the oven for about 1.5-2 hours. You could crank the heat and cook it for a shorter time if you wanted. Let it sit uncovered and cool completely before you store it in the fridge. Make sure you have a piece straight out of the oven tho!! So warm and tasty 🙂







Sooooo goooood!!!! My next batch is going to be cinnamon flavour I think with a touch of agave for sweetness and then smothered in peanut butter or coconut oil or raw cacao chocolate sauce!!!!!!!!!

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