Apt cafe

Over the weekend we visited one of my favourite areas of sydney, Newtown. Our main reason for heading there was to check out the Enmore design centre for design and illustration because I’m planning on applying for next year (yayyyy!!!). It’s a super quant school, probably the smallest college I’ve ever seen which is pretty cool. After scouting it out we walked down the street parallel to it and looook!!


Sarah street!! We think it must be a ‘sign’ that this school is the right choice for me.

Anyways about the food. One of the biggest reasons I love new town so much is the ridiculously vast options for vegan and vegetarian cuisine!

We went to Apt Cafe, Which is nestled in the back of Berkelouw books. It was…amazing. And they had Lou Reed playing, and we were in a book shop. We were pretty stoked to say the least!


Ali’s potato rosti with home made tomato sauce and ‘BLAT’ vegan bacon, lettuce, avo and tomato with vegan mayo on whole wheat sour dough…


…she nearly cried when she took her first bite. “it tastes just like a BLT!!!” she exclaimed, (her fav lunch when she was an animal eater)


I had THREE pumpkin curry tacos with wilted spinach, guac, and vegan cheese.


I was only expecting two tacos so this was a bit of a mission, one I was confident to take on though…


…ok, minus a bit of one of the shells, but still, I think we still did pretty good!!

I would say we will definitely be back there but there are just so many options in new town it’s fun to try a different place each time. Highly recommend Apt Cafe tho!


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