Cacao peanut butter hot chocolate aka happiness and warmth in a mug

I’ve had a pounding head ache all friggen day today. I should probably just go to sleep but I want to get some work done so instead of sleep i’m hoping this hot cacao will sort me out. This is my newest favourite warm drink; nice to warm up or to satisfy a craving if you feel like something a bit sweet in the evening…or morning. It tastes like your drinking a peanut butter cup. Yeah.
Grab the your fav mug and measure out milk of choice (I did mostly rice milk and some water)
Pour it into a pot with a generous tablespoon of smooth natural peanut butter, 2 tablespoons of cacao and a dash of stevia (or whatever sweetener you want to use. If you’re not up to speed with stevia, it’s made from a herb and doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels at all and one teeny tiny pinch is equal to one teaspoon of regular sugar.)
Whisk until smooth and desired temp. (not too hot or you won’t get all the health benefits of the cacao!) pour back into your mug.
Be happy. Be warm. Tell headache to eff off.


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