Vegan dinner party

We had our vegetarian friends over for a vegan dinner party last night and ate a lot of delicious ‘kind’ food (kind to your body, kind to the planet, kind to animals…that’s how we roll!)

We started with two different chickpea tarts. For the tarts I used my chick pea flour pizza crust recipe and divided the batter into mini muffin tins (the crescent shape kind)



The first variety had herbed vegan cream cheese and cucumber. Delish!! The cream cheese has an amazing consistency and the herb flavour really shined through.

Herbed vegan cream cheese:

1 packet organic silken tofu
2 garlic cloves
1 dash stevia (or other sweetener)
Tsp or so of dill and parsley
Himalayan rock salt
1 TBS apple cider vinegar or lemon juice

Blend until smooth and chill until use.

The second variety was a pizza inspired creation with pizza sauce, green capsicum and vegan mozzarella


This imitation mozzarella is really legit!! I picked it up at The Cruelty Free Shop in Glebe over the weekend, as well as a bunch of other stuff including this sticker


Haha, sorry to any meat eaters reading this blog!! The baby duck said it, not me!!

Anyways, so the cheese actually does melt and has a great flavour, this picture doesn’t do it justice as we were impatient and didn’t leave them in the oven long enough for the cheese to get properly melty…


They were still really good tho!!

Two of our lovely friends were kind enough to bring a rockin salad to go with our main…


The recipe they used is from here

It was really good and accompanied the main really nicely!
I was originally going to make a traditional raw lasagne but I was in a Mexican mood…so it ended up being a bit of a Mexican layer dip meets raw lasagne…
I pre made it earlier in the day to let the flavours develop in the fridge. So here’s the final product…


And here’s the lowdown on the layers incase you want to recreate this bad boy on your own!!


First a layer of sliced zucchini followed by a layer of walnut ‘minced meat’

Walnut ‘minced meat’:

2 cups walnuts
1 TBS water
1 TBS Tamari or soy sauce
1 TBS dark miso
Chilli powder, paprika, cumin

Process very lightly! You want it crumbly.


Next a layer of refried beans or beans of choice blended with garlic, salt and pepper and nutritional yeast. I did two cans of those brown Italian beans… Can’t remember what they’re called!



Another layer of zuch strips followed by three large tomatoes blended with Himalayan rock salt and pepper. If i made this again I would add minced purple onion and coriander.



Next up is guacamole!! I used three ripe Avos blended with heaps of lime, some garlic and some cayenne, salt and pep. Followed by a final layer of zucchini.


Last but not least a layer of cashew cream.

1.5 cups soaked cashews blended with 2 TBS Apple cider vinegar, 3 TBS nutritional yeast and about 1 cup of water added gradually until desired consistency.

And of course, topped with green onion and sliced black olives to seal the deal!


We were all stuffed afterwords but luckily there is ALWAYS room for dessert!


Chocolate peanut butter cups!!

I’ll post the recipe for this later as I wrote it down while making it but don’t have the notebook with me at the moment!

Enjoy. Be KIND.

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  1. I am feeling very hungry now..waiting on my chickpea flour to come in at ace,and I will make those chickpea tarts,everything looks amazing….oh and cannot wait for the peanut butter chocolaterecipe:-):-):-)

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