Full daily iron intake salad

So here’s the thing…I went to give blood a few weeks ago and got rejected because my iron was too low. I was floored. I’ve been giving blood for years and have always had iron on the higher ‘man level’, as one nurse told me, side. This also coincided with some digestion issues I was having that I also had never had before. And then I got a cold, for three weeks…So
Obviously something was up. It hit me slowly but surely that I had gotten wrapped up in the whole ‘raw food’ frenzy and had cut waaaay back on all cooked whole grains, cooked beans and even cooked veggies.
Obviously there are a whole host of benefits that come with eating raw fruits and veggies, and some people do swear by and thrive on this diet, some people going as far as to say it cleared them of disease/cancer. I can say I had a lot more energy when I first started eating mostly raw…until my iron stores got depleted that is.
Raw foodist can say what they will, but I think it should be talked about with more caution. About a month and a half on a mostly raw diet and i was uncomfortable, bloated, run down and sick.
Different bodies crave and thrive on different things. I now know mine is in top form when fuelled with cooked whole grains, beans, sprouts, fresh and cooked vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, oils…and cacao.
You need approximately 14 mg of iron a day and this bad boy salad has about 21 mg’s. It is also full of vitamin C which is vital to iron absorption. It’s a pretty monster salad and you could scale it down if you’re not super hungry. I mowed the whole thing no problemo though!

1 cup cooked quinoa (6.3 mg iron)
1/2 cup grilled tofu (6 mg iron)
1 cup STEAMED spinach ( 6.4 mg iron, make sure it’s steamed not raw or you won’t get the iron)
Baby tomatoes (vit c) and cucumber
5 sliced dried apricots (.46 mg iron)


1/4 cup cashews (2.1 mg iron)
Juice of one orange and half a lemon. (vitamin c!)

Process the cashews into a powder, slowly stream in the juice.


Prepare salad and drizzle with dressing, enjoy and know that you have gotten more then enough iron for the day!!




Ps. If your iron levels are in tip top shape, which they should be after eating this salad…go to your local blood donation centre and give some of your beautiful blood away. It will mean the world to somebody out there. ❤

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