Grilled tempeh, new fav food


Grilled tempeh exhibit A…with scrambled tumeric and mushroom eggs, dill mustard, avocado, capsicum, tomato, sautéed purple onion and rocket all rolled together in a rice wrap and finished off with some tomato sauce. Eff yeah.


Grilled tempeh exhibit B…in a fresh salad with balsamic reduction and olive oil dressing.


Grilled tempeh exhibit C, similar to exhibit A but Sans wrap.

So to sum up, Tempeh rocks!! I can’t believe I have been a vegetarian for twelve years and just recently started eating it!

Tempeh is basically the non-processed version of tofu. It’s just whole soybeans fermented and formed into a block. It has a nutty flavour and a slightly chewy texture (in a good way), so for those who find tofu bland with an off putting texture, this stuff is quite the opposite!!

With all three meals above I simply sliced the tempeh and grilled it in a pan with some coconut oil, paprika and pepper. That’s it!!!! And it’s so so yummy.

Tempeh, among other benefits, is full of iron, is a complete protein and helps aid digestion (because it’s slightly fermented.)

Bottom line, get some tempeh, throw it in a pan, I promise you you’ll love it!!


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