Hearty breakfast smoothie


I am a firm believer in breakfast. The bigger the better usually. I don’t think I have ever missed a breakfast in my life. Not only does eating first thing (after a glass of warm water with lemon and cayenne to wake you digestive system up) rev your metabolism for the rest of the day it boosts your energy and squashes 3:00 treat cravings. I also like to pack in as many nutrients, fibre, protein and iron as I can to get a good start to the day.

Hearty green breakfast smoothie:

1/2 cup cooked quinoa
1 frozen banana
1 small bok choy
1 large handful kale (taken off the stem, steamed and cooled)
1/4 cup sunflower seeds
1 TBS flax meal
1 TBS natural peanut butter
Cinnamon (don’t be afraid to really give ‘er on the cinnamon front, it adds such a nice flavour and sweetness while lowering blood sugar levels)
Stevia for added sweetness if desired
4-5 Ice cubes and water

Blend everything up, add the ice cubes and blend until smooth, slowly stream in cold water until it’s the consistency you like.

Calories: 880
Protein: 32.37 grams
Fat: 39 grams
Fibre: 15 grams
Iron: 8 mg

This smoothie pretty much contains half of everything you need in an entire day; including nearly half of your calories (based on 2000 calorie a day diet and half your fat (the good kind NOT the yucky saturated kind). This may freak some people out, but most of the calories and fat comes from the quinoa, sunflower seeds, peanut butter and flax; all beautifully nutrient rich food that I wouldn’t eliminate for the sake of a “low fat smoothie”. Instead, why not use all the energy and protein your giving yourself by drinking this smoothie to get outside and go for a walk or jog before work? You’ll feel so much better for it! If you’re worried about using nearly half a days calories on breakfast, don’t be. You just need to use your calories wisely…You could, for example, have a hearty lentil and vegetable soup for lunch and a tempeh salad with mixed greens and vegetables for dinner with a couple healthy snacks thrown in and still be under the 2000 mark, (what i’m planning on eating for the rest of the day šŸ™‚ yummm)

So to sum up…Don’t be afraid of good fats; your metabolism will love you for the morning energy boost and your whole body will be going crazy for all the nutrients and minerals you’re flooding your body with.


Cheers!! To breakfast!!!

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