Avocado “cream” pasta


Creamy, satisfying, kind. My fav kinda food.

Before I get into the recipe for this crazy good pasta I just have some ramblings that have not much to do with pasta at all…

I often get sad and frustrated and confused because I get overwhelmed with the feeling that a lot of people just don’t care enough, or at all really.
I care a lot, and about many things, I always have and I always will, and I don’t understand how so many people don’t.
Mostly I don’t understand how many people don’t think about how their actions(however small or large), words, habits or thoughts effect the other species we share our planet with (human animals and non-human animals) and about our planet and the vulnerable state it’s in.
I feel like so many people are just in their own little bubble, it’s easier and it’s convenient just to do what you gotta do and get on with it.
I know there are many many people out there that do care though, and this gives me hope, I think we are on the verge of change, in a big way, and I think the people that care need to stand up and start caring even more so we can make this world a better place for everybody and the generations to come.

I copied this recipe from the delightful ohsheglows blog and added a few bits and pieces. It literally took like twelve minutes to whip up, (which is good when you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed 🙂 )


The nice fresh ingredients sittin’ pretty, patiently waiting to be blended into a mouthwatering feast.


2 TBS olive oil
1/2 lemon juiced
2 garlic cloves minced
Handful of basil
1 large ripe avo
Himalayan rock salt, pepper, paprika

Blend above ingredients until smooth. Add to freshly boiled pasta (I used whole meal spelt spaghetti) And combine with 1/2 cup ish baby tomats and 1/2 cup ish black beans. Toss it all up and serve with a couple basil leaves and some lemon zest. Perfection!




Best enjoyed on a sunny deck. (but if this is not possible, I reckon it would still be pretty fricken enjoyable.)

“Having little exposure to animals makes it much easier to push aside questions about how our actions might influence their treatment. The problem posed by meat has become an abstract one: there is no individual animal, no singular look of joy or suffering, no wagging tail, and no scream. Beauty always takes place in the particular; cruelty, on the other hand, prefers abstraction.”- Jonathan safran foer


You know it’s a success when tongue meets plate.

5 responses

    • It’s the worst when you want an avo so bad but it’s hard but you REALLY want it so you decide to slice it open anyways with the hope that maaaaaaybe it will be ripe…but it’s not.
      So good call on waiting this one out!! It deserves perfectly soft Avos!

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