I love breakfast…


…sweet breakfast, savoury breakfast, big breakfast, bigger breakfast, breakfast for lunch, breakfast for dinner. I really LOVE breakfast!
So here is a round up of a few of my fav’s:

Juice-pulp Pancakes with blueberry compote!
We used to have green juice every morning but the pulp overload got to be a bit much and I hate throwing out all that beautiful fibre, so now we usually juice once or twice a week and I either make muffins or pancakes with the juice pulp!

1cup flour (I used brown rice flour and a bit of oatmeal)
2 tsp cinnamon
Pinch of nutmeg
1tsp vanilla
2 tsp baking soda
2 TBS flaxmeal
1 cup non-dairy milk
2 tsp veg or coconut oil
1 FREE RANGE egg whisked
2 TBS honey
1 cup juice pulp (if you don’t have juice pulp then grated carrot, zucchini or chopped spinach would probs work well)

Combine all ingredients and cook in a skillet over medium-low heat a good five minutes on each side. These bad boys are THICK so you want to make sure they cook through. Don’t expect a light fluffy pancake. These are dense but delicious and filling.

Blueberry compote is simply frozen berries heated in a pot for a few minutes 🙂



Eff YEAH is all I can say about this. Well, I guess I can also say: thin sliced grilled smokey tempeh, poached free range egg, ripe avo, juicy baby tomatoes, crispy lettuce and dill honey mustard.

Mmmmmmore pancakes!!! This is a very different recipe from the above.
These pancakes contain just three ingredients. One mashed banana, Two free range eggs and one heaped tablespoon of brown rice flour. The original recipe didn’t have the flour, just the eggs and banana. I tested it both ways and it’s better with the bit of flour in there. Also add cinnamon etc to your liking.
Super quick, high protein, low fat. The cashew cream gracing the top of these pancakes is blended cashews, date paste and lemon juice. And the granola???

Why, that’s just a bit of cinnamon bun granola

The star of the show here was the hash browns. Par boiled potats chopped and fried in coconut oil with black beans, purple onion, basil, tomato and green capsicum. The tempeh which I covered in a tomato sauce glaze and then grilled until crispy was pretty fricken good too.
Blueberry madness!!! This is simply buckwheat groats soaked over night, rinsed and then blended with frozen blueberries, cinnamon, stevia and a bit of apple cider vinegar (gives it the kind of sour yogurt like taste. Ps if you haven’t heard of the health benefits of apple cider vinegar, look it up now!!!)

So there ya go!!! Happy breakfast!!


Pps. Please buy free range. It is the least we can do for using these beautiful birds for their eggs. It actually makes me physically angry when I see people buying caged eggs…or worse when I’m at a friend or someone’s house and they have cage eggs. Stop being a selfish ass hole. If you can’t afford free range eggs than DON’T BUY EGGS. I’ll stop now cause I’m actually getting pretty worked up as I type.

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  1. I am 100% with you on the free range egg choice…I almost want to tell people when I see them pick up caged eggs to buy,all the negatives of that choice,plus you cannot compare the taste of a free range egg…soo goood:-)

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