Holiday recap and a very green pasta

Happy new year!! I hope it’s off to a good a start for everybody as it has been for me! We just got back from an AMAZING trip home to Vancouver, back into full on summer time here in Sydney.
I was planning on keeping up with the blog while I was away but…I didn’t! I cooked a lot and took lots of photos with the intention of posting, but too much was going on!!! Here’s just a few food pics from our visit…

Putting mum and dads new BBQ to good use on Christmas morning!

Christmas breakfast! Vegan breakfast casserole, steamed kale, BBQ’d veggie sausages and BBQ’d mushrooms and onion.

Christmas dinner! Mum’s amazing vegan tourtière with cranberry sauce, sweet potato and kale pasta bake, and roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts

Ready to get stuck in! We were so full after dinner we didn’t even eat our pumpkin pie :O

Vegan nachos at La Bandidas Mexican restaurant. SO good. I’m really going to miss daiya cheese here in Australia, I have to try and get someone to import the goods!!!

Fricken amaZing enchilada. Again, the daiya cheese…so…good.

Mums ridiculously good curry sittin’ pretty on the good old Aga. I got a curry tutorial from her so will be recreating it soon and posting the recipe!

The aga really is a cooks best friend!! Cooking up a New Year’s Eve feast here.

Quinoa with almond crusted tofu, caramelised Brussels and green beans with a cashew miso dressing.

So there is just a sampling of all the delicious food that was had!! Some other favourites were mum’s lentil shepards pie, pumpkin soup, vegetable soup, tempeh breakfast sandwiches, rice balls with peanut sauce, chick pea flour fries, vegan mac n cheese, many drunk daiya grilled cheeze sandwhiches on the aga aka the grilled cheese master!!! and I also made my vegan Nanaimo bars which everybody went crazy about…especially when they found out they were healthy!

So all and all, it was a very tasty holiday!

Now here is a pasta recipe for you…

A very green pasta:

It’s funny how your body craves warm hearty stuff in the cold, hence the soups and curries of back home, but as soon as you’re back in the heat all you want is fresh simple stuff! This pasta dish took about twenty minutes to make and made four big servings.

1 400 gram package of pasta (I used whole grain spelt spaghetti)
1/2 head of broccoli chopped (use the stems too! They are really nice and crunchy!)
1 zucchini chopped
2-3 big kale leaves taken off the stem and chopped quite finely
3-4 green onions chopped

Boil pasta. Chop veggies and place in a big strainer over a large pot. Once the pasta is cooked strain it over the veggies and into the pot. Place a lid on top and let the hot pasta lightly steam the veggies. Meanwhile get out your seasoning…

So simple and so good. If you haven’t tried hazelnut oil I suggest you do ASAP! My aunt bought this for me and I trekked it all the way back to Sydney and I was blown away by the flavour!

Dump you pasta and your now lightly steamed but still fresh veggies into a large salad bowl. Drizzle with oil, nutritional yeast, Himalayan rock salt, pepper, pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds.