We are two vegetarian/vegan sisters and roomies living in Sydney Australia. We eat mostly gluten-free as well as avoiding sugar, processed food and dairy.

We love to cook, one of us more then the other, which is why we make such a great team! We both equally LOVE to eat delicious, varied and nutritious food and we are damn sick of answering the question “What do you EAT then?”. ‘How ignorant are you??’, is the answer I think in my head before I come up with the boring (and more polite), “oh, lots of different things…”. Which is then usually countered with, “Well how do you get your PROTEIN??” or sometimes, “Well I was a vegetarian once and I became so anemic I had to eat meat again”. At which point I usually roll my eyes because I am too frustrated to carry on this conversation that will most likely go nowhere, which is a shame, because maybe if I tried to explain to you that as meat certainly is a source of protein, there are actually many plant/grain based substitutes that don’t contain any of the saturated fats or cholesterol that meat contain but do in fact contain many fun nutrients including our good friend fibre (thumbs up!!); And as far as the anemia thing is concerned, we’ve been giving blood for years and have always had very strong levels of iron, which goes to show if you eat a thoughtful well-balanced plany based diet, there’s no reason you should be any more anemic then a fellow meat-eater; so maybe, if I explained these things, you would listen, and consider, and not have to ask this question the next time you meet a vegan or vegetarian! Oh and in case you were actually interested in the various forms of lettuce we eat, because you know, that’s what we eat ;)…you can check out our blog.

Thanks for reading!

Sarah & Ali


Ali and I Breakfast BBQing in new Zealand


Brother Eric and I cooking at our parents house in Vancouver, Canada


Ali helping me open a corona at our families cabin in B.C, that’s what sisters are for.


At one of our fav Vancouver restaurants Foundation


At one of our fav Byron bay restaurants, Asia Joes!!


Hostel cooking with the Dream Team in new Zealand


Mum at my other fav Vancouver restaurant, the nam…mmm miso gravyyyy


3am snacks


Ali and Narn cooking up a Christmas eve feast in QLD


Brussel sprouts anyone??


More hostel cooking! In noosa QLD this time


Yep, we’re super classy like that!!!

9 responses

  1. Hi girls, just discovered your blog and think it’s fabulous! Well said… I am also sick of answering the question of “what do you eat?” I have been a vegetarian since I was 3 years old and have never had a single health issue related to this! Now I am a vegan which people get even more crazy about when they find out… sigh!

    I’m also a Sydney blogger on health and food 🙂 Nice to find another local wordpress site xx

    • Hey Lolita!
      Thank you so much!! Ours is a pretty recent blog so it’s exciting that people besides our friends and family are discovering it! I’ve just checked out yours and I love it!! Can’t wait to read more from you. Pretty rad you have been a vegetraian since you were three too. I recenlty stopped eating dairy products so I am well on my way to transitioning to vegan and inspiring blogs like yours makes it so much easier!
      Nice to ‘meet’ you!
      -Sarah & Ali

  2. Hi Sarah and Ali, discovered ur blog and I’m directly stoked! So nice recipes and the spirit of you guys is to be seen all over the whole blog! And Asia Joe’s rocks, good memories!! xoxo Noora

  3. Hi Campbell ladies,

    Thought I would sign up for your blog as we are always looking for great healthy and exciting food options for our Outback Tours, Stockyard Restaurant and Boutique Hotel in Cunnamulla. Your pics on Facebook always look so fantastic I am sure we will find great recipes for our Celeac, vegetarian, vegan guests.

    • Hey peieta!!
      Thanks for following! I hope you find some recipes for your tours. I haven’t been posting as much lately because I’ve been super busy with school but I’m trying to get back into it 🙂

  4. Hi guys,
    I stumbled across your blog via friends on Facebook and love what I see!
    Are you guys professional chefs/cooks? What do you do as a day job?
    I’m a professional long distance runner and I’ve recently turned my back on many processed grains, meats, dairy products etc. that previously made up the majority of my athlete diet – your blog has given me some great inspiration.
    I would love to get in contact with you to promote some of your ideas to others who are following my path!
    Keep it up,

    • Hi Neil,
      Thank you so much for your feedback!
      I am an illustration/design student and my sister is a primary school teacher. I do all the meal planning and blog writing while my sister is my trusted sous chef and taste tester. So no, we are not professional cooks. I have been a vegetarian for over 12 years and been cooking from a young age although I really got into it four years ago when I moved out of home. Also in the last four years I have realised that I have a gluten sensitivity and have become mostly vegan as well as shunning refined foods, especially sugar. Food and nutrition are one of my biggest passions which is why I do the blog, however since starting college this year I have had considerably less time then I used to to devote to it. That’s so awesome that you have changed your diet and I have no doubt that it will benefit you in so many ways, especially with your running! Has the switch been difficult? Have you noticed any changes in your body or self yet?
      Look forward to hearing from you!


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